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About TVMN

True Vine Ministerial Council is a governing body under True Vine Ministries. True Vine Ministries (TVM) is an incorporated charity. True Vine Ministerial Council’s (TVMC) governing body is apostolic in nature. We are committed to creating covenant relationships with Christ-centered ministries.

Our vision is to see the five-fold ministries offices operating in unity to extend and expand the mandate given to us by God: to go into all the world and make disciples of all nations.  The apostolic leadership team supervises the ministers that are licensed and ordained at TVMC.  The TVMC apostolic team is chaired by a faithful, loyal man of God, Apostle Charles Gwira.


Equip. Empower. Impact Our Generation.

TVMN has a God-given mandate to equip and lead the Saints for the work of the ministry in all realms of life. We have taken this mandate seriously and offered networking events, quarterly meetings, spiritual guidance and much more services to ministers within our fold that help to benefit the Body of Christ as a whole.

“We believe that structured leadership and authority is a vital part of any ministerial fellowship. Without clear leadership there is no hope for now and the future.”